Kawaiies welcomes you to 2021 with new products and collections!


We wish our Kawaiies family a very Happy New Year and a positive start to 2021!!

We wanted to add an extra excitement to your new year by bringing in new products and categories online. I know we already have so many amazing stuff, but it can never be enough!!

Here are some of the products we wish to see in your room and in your life! There is nothing more refreshing than getting something which will benefit you emotionally, spiritually and physically. We aim to make sure we have products that can not only be used for entertainment purposes but to also cater to your emotional needs and comfort.

Cute Little Manhattan Japanese Tofu Shokudo


There is no surprise that Japan prides itself on its yummy food and fascinating decoration from their famous street Tofu Shokudo. You have the opportunity to experience these beautiful little restaurants right from the comfort of your homes.

There are 5 Tofu Shokudo to choose from. Each restaurant piece is different and these beautiful crafts enable you to use your skills and get hands on. Play with friends, family or alone and get your cute mini restaurant experience running at home.

Find them here


Fuzzy Galaxy Plushies


Need some support? Feeling down? These soft galaxy themed plushies are one of our most comforting ranges that can help you stay warm, fuzzy and relaxed. These soft plushies are proven to provide perfect back support if you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Cuddling these cute buddies has its own pressure relieving qualities and can mentally improve that uncomfortable feeling you get sometimes.

Find them here


Misty & Oakley the Pony Plushies

We have our very own 2 beautiful soft ponies in the world! Misty (Gray) & Oakley (Brown). Super soft and super huggable, these plushies are the best gift for those who love their horses and ponies.

Body pillows have an increased positive impact on your sleeping by supporting your lower back, spine and hips. They are ethically sourced, cruelty-free and made with non-allergenic cotton for maximum comfort. There is no age range for who can own one of these as they are proven to bring a smile on your life! There is no limit to what can make you happy and our ponies promise just to do that.

Find them here


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