Make the most of our Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals until 4th December 2020!

We have extended our sales and promotions as you can see online until Friday 4th December 2020! Don't miss out!

Online shopping has evidently become more important this year. With COVID-19, social distancing measures will be enforced in many stores with some long queues and out of stock products. This means many of us will be more reluctant to shop in person even when the lockdown comes to an end.


We want our Kawaiies family to make the most savings at this moment as well as staying safe during this pandemic. We know many of us will choose not to go shopping in stores and prefer to stay at home to help keep other vulnerable members safe or are just too busy with work! That's why we have made sure you have everything ready with just a few clicks!!!


We aim to provide the best quality and range for those running out of gift ideas or just need a new company for 2021. With the sales in place, you have been given the best opportunity to purchase from an amazing range of plushies and building sets.

We already know that many online retailers have not participated in many discounts this year, which is why we have kept our promise and made sure you can get the best offers with us endlessly. 

We do want to inform you that these spectacular deals are until 04/12/2020. So make sure you do not miss out!

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