Breakfast at "Kawaiies"

Breakfast at "Kawaiies"

Breakfast at "Kawaiies"

Breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. Whether it’s a bowl of cereal or a full fry-up, it swings you into action. However, we know that breakfast can get a bit tedious, and not something that everyone’s keen on. That’s why Kawaiies plushies are here to help bring a more joyful twist to your morning.

Here are five items that certainly have the amusement factor!

Baguette Bread Plush

Need a cuddle in the morning?  Then voila! This lovable baguette will cocoon you with a gentle comforting hug that will leave you feeling as snug as ever. Don’t blame us if you can’t get out of bed.

Curly Croissant

Get a taste of France with this charmer. New to the Kawaiies family, this croissant will bring a definite smile to your face. Go ahead and give it the warm-hearted welcome it deserves.

The Awkward Avocado

What about a healthier option? Get one of your five a day with this adorable avocado. It may be awkward, but you still can’t deny how endearing it is. Time to own your inner awkwardness.

Moody Banana Plush

As the saying goes, opposites attract, and that is clearly the case with this grumpy banana. This plushie is guaranteed to have you cracking up with laughter every time you or your friends catch him in the corner of your eyes. Add a spark of entertainment to your collection.

Milk Carton Kawaii Goods

Your source of calcium has arrived in the sweetest form ever. Of course, you can go for the original, but why not change it up with banana or strawberry milk. It would also make a pleasing addition to anyone’s room. Start your day off with some delight.