Your New You Starter Pack: Snuggles, Warmth, and Love

Your New You Starter Pack: Snuggles, Warmth, and Love

Your New You Starter Pack: Snuggles, Warmth, and Love

✨ So, a new year has begun, which means a fresh start. New year’s resolutions and good intentions. That already sounds promising, but what about throwing in a bit of Kawaiies Magic into the mix? 

😍 Whether you are a first-time customer or a regular, we are always here to welcome you with our wide selection of plushies, home decor, and so much more. 

🔥 Check out the following products below which are guaranteed to kick your new year off with a bang


Cuddles these new plushies to sleep

Want a fun start to the new year? Well, we’ve got you sorted with a number of new plushies.

🍩 Why not grab yourself a donut shaped cushion? Sweet, soft, and cute, they would make a wonderful addition to your bed or sofa. 

🐧 Or if you prefer something more cuddly, then our chunky penguin ball plushies are sure to catch your eye. These round bundles of adorableness will make you grin from ear to ear.


🦢 Or how about a brand-new plushie companion. Meet Flora the swan, who is more than willing to keep you company. There’s all this and much more, so what are you waiting for?

Start expanding your plushie collection today!


Stay warm with our huge & soft blanket hoodies 

As well as having fun, you also want to stay snug. Well, our blanket hoodies are here to do just that. Fancy being cuddled by a brown bear or being wrapped up in fluffy clouds? ⛅

These hoodies are both endearing and comfortable, and with their oversized fit and soft material, they will certainly keep you as cosy as can be. So go ahead and get your dose of warm softness this winter.

Home décor

Looking to brighten up your home this year? Then let us introduce some of our brand-new home décor products. How about a Sakura patterned teacup? Charming and chic, this cup is bound to add a tasteful touch to your kitchen.

Or maybe you might fall in love with our cartoon dinosaur ceramic mug. It would definitely bring a joyous twist to your morning coffee and give you something to smile about.

However, if you’re searching for warmness and cheer throughout the day, our pastel animal flasks just might tickle your fancy. With long-term insulation and a leak-proof silicon ring seal, these delightful flasks are both stylish and useful. So, go on and give your home some Kawaiies va-va-voom.