Comfortable Hanging Trunk Tubes Tree Hamster Jungle Set

Comfortable Hanging Trunk Tubes Tree Hamster Jungle Set

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  • Transform your hamster's cage into a jungle!

    This jungle set features a hideout stump for your hamster to sleep in, and a nest and tunnel for your hamster to play with. Transform your hamster's cage into a jungle with these products, a home where they can explore and love. Perfect for all types of hamsters especially those who love climbing and going through tunnels. This set is made of three parts, so choose to have a couple of parts or complete your jungle-themed cage with the complete set.

    Stimulate your hamster's desires to hide and explore

    Adding new toys and hideouts to your hamster's cage will provide your hamster with new places and toys to explore and play with. They will definitely love this new jungle set that can be hung all around the cage and changed occasionally so your fur friend doesn't get bored of its home.

  • Simple to clean: Rinse under water and let it dry out in the sun. Alternatively, you can use a washing machine set at the wool wash setting and ensure the products are put in a mesh bag or pillowcase to avoid any damage.

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