Cream Luxury White Goose Down Duvet Comforter

Cream Luxury White Goose Down Duvet Comforter

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  • Winter is coming. Let us warm you with our cream luxury white goose down duvet

    This luxury white goose down comforter is exquisitely crafted with the perfect balance of comfort and quality. The softest touch of White Goose Down duvet comforter will make you fall asleep on. The warmth is gentle, the texture closer to the skin, will make you feel more comfortable. Your sweet dream comes true.

    It's as soft as a baby's skin, gentle as the breeze of spring, as warm as your loved one's hug, and as pure as your heart.

    👑 International size: Single, Full, Queen & King in various weights
    🌺 90% premium White Goose Down
    🌺 10% premium White Goose Feather
    🌺 250 thread count premium Cotton casing
    🌺 Baffle box construction and double stitched
    🔰  Promotes warmth, comfort, and durability
    🔰  Sealed duvet/comforter

    💖 Includes a duvet, comforter, or filler
    💖 Excludes a duvet cover, a bed flat sheet, or pillowcase
    🌼  Allergy-free and asthma friendly
    🌼  Machine washable

    Relax and experience the exquisite and superior comfort in our featured Luxury White Goose Down Duvet Comforter

    Featuring 90% premium white fluffy Goose 'Down' and 10% premium white lightweight Goose Feather. This ratio is why our comforter offers a sleeping experience like no other. Encases in a luxurious 250 thread count pure premium cotton percale and finished with an internal box construction for even warmth. 

    A top choice for the ultimate luxury sleep, one that feels like you're sleeping on clouds.

    Fall in love the moment you feel this comforter

    We believe the quality of a duvet is best expressed by its fill weight or total weight – how much Premium White Goose Down, per ounce. It's simple, easy to understand, and gives you a solid idea of how heavy or light a duvet will feel. 

    Our most popular comforter is luxuriously soft, lightweight, and warm. The baffle box construction keeps the down evenly distributed throughout the comforter, to prevent cold spots and inconsistencies. You will always have the right amount of support and comfort across your comforter.

    Premium Goose Down has a soft undercoat that geese naturally produce to protect them from cold climates. It is extremely lightweight, gorgeously soft, super fluffy, and exceptionally warm; perfect for cold evenings.

    Goose Feather is strong to provide a duvet structure shape to the comforter and keeps the Down in place and prevents cold spots.

    It comes in four different sizes and is available in two different weights,  as measurements are shown below.


    All sizes:

    Measurements may be off by 1-5cm or by 0.2grams for rounding up to a whole number. 

  • The image below is our premium Goose Down, soft and round:

    All our down and feather fillings are sourced from cruelty-free suppliers.

    We never bleach our down or feathers, as this can affect their quality. Instead, we only use naturally white down and feathers, which have been carefully cleaned.

    For hygiene reasons, you can’t return your duvet once you’ve opened the packaging

  • Please follow the washing labels when cleaning the Goose Down duvet:

     Max temperature 30c, or cold water

     Do not bleach the bedding set

     Dry by the sun or hang it to dry 

     Dry cleaning


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