Cute Cartoon Acrylic Pen Holders

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Get creative with the 'Cute Cartoon' Pen Holders!

A perfect gift for all stationery lovers, these cartoon acrylic pen holders are designed to hold stationery or make-up brushes. Made of high-quality transparent acrylic, the cute cartoon characters are sturdy and functional. What's more, they can help you to organise your desk.

Comes in 4 different styles to organise your belongings.

  • Get Organised
    Each holder is spacious and provides plenty of room for holding your items however you like!

  • Perfect for Gifting
    Great for stationery collectors and students with a large crafty collection. Also useful for those who love applying make-up and need a space to store their most-used brushes!

  • Measurements
    15 x 12 x 4.3cm, acrylic 2mm thick