Elegant Sakura Mount Fuji Glass Tea Cup

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Experience the Sakura Season in your own home! Magical Japanese-inspired Sakura Mount Fuji Tea Cups, each carefully designed to add some elegance to your daily life, that holds up to 300ml.

These tea cups boasts our adorable kawaii-inspired design and features a wonderful Mount Fuji sitting peacefully at the bottom of the cup. Surrounding the cup flows gentle Sakura flowers to waken up your morning and bring you energy for the rest of the day.

Made of heat-resistant glass, making this cup durable and perfect for holding your favourite drinks.

Give this adorable cup to the special people in your life. It will be the best gift followed with other Kawaiies products for your family, friend, colleague, or child.

Available in 2 styles with the choice of an accompanying spoon. Which style will you choose?