Fluffy and Soft Bunnies Portable Hot Water Bottle

Fluffy and Soft Bunnies Portable Hot Water Bottle

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  • From the mountains to the city, this Portable Hot Water Bottle keeps you warm!

    Soothe your soul after a long day with the Fluffy and Soft Bunnies Portable Hot Water Bottle, featuring adorable bunny and carrot designs with a removable fleece cover. Easy to refill and perfect for use on the go, it warms the heart from within. Plus its handy size makes it extra portable and comes with a removable fleece cover!

    Ideal for the office or outdoors, our Fluffy and Soft Bunnies Portable Hot Water Bottle is a practical and unique solution to keeping you warm.

    Capacity: 500ml
    Size: 12.5 x 21.5cm

    WARNING: Hot water bottles may cause burns, avoid direct contact with rubber surface and skin. When filling hot water bottles, do not use boiling water and only fill up to two-thirds capacity. Before use, please test with cold water to test for water leakage before normal use.

    A gift they will never expect 🎁

    With a convenient size and easy to fill capacity, it's the perfect hot water bottle for those early mornings or late nights. Also makes a great gift!


    🐥 Soothe, relieve pain & alleviate stress
    🐥 High-quality plush & thermal rubber material
    🐥 Reusable, portable & effective
    🐥 Removable and cosy plush cover

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