Little KaKao Friends Car Air Refresher Perfume Accessories

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Plug these cute Kakao Friends characters flying their aeroplane into your car air vents/outlets and let the soft scent drift into your car. A simple plug-and-play unique air refresher where the propellers can also spin when the wind blows against them. Why not have one or even a few of these characters smiling at you whilst you drive? Featuring a peach, bear, duck and brown dog who are all super cheerful and friendly.

Let the smell diffuse into the car with the fan blades whilst adding a kawaii theme to your car. The perfect gift for anyone who loves cute characters.

Disperse the fragrance with fragrant capsules - easy to replace, safe to use, fresh and lasting fragrance. You can change your capsules at any time so you can keep the odour away from your car.


  • ABS Plastic
  • 6 x 6 x 5cm
  • Spinning propellers 
  • Design: Kakao friends
  • Plug-and-play scent
  • Scent can last up to 2 months
  • Easy to put in the scented capsule
  • Magnetic head that can be easily removed to put the capsule in
  • Plug into your car air vents/outlet