Kawaii Aggretsuko Red Panda "Rage Hard, Rest Harder" Large Mouse Pad

Kawaii Aggretsuko Red Panda "Rage Hard, Rest Harder" Large Mouse Pad

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  • This is for all the raging gamers out there

    Brighten your desk with this high-quality cute mouse pad featuring Retsuko the Red Panda from Aggretsuko a resting raccoon tired from raging all night long. 

    Enhance your gaming and working experience at your desk with our long mousepads designed to provide a seamless surface and accurate movement with no jitters. Choose between three different sizes.

    Made with quality in mind

    This flexible and durable mouse mat is smooth and soft to the touch making gaming and working at your desk a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Easily prevents stains so don't worry about spilling your coffee or juice.


    ✨ Three sizes available
    ✨ 2mm thick
    ✨ Rubber back material to prevent slipping
    ✨ Pastel blue background with Retsuko the Red Panda

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