Mini 'TDD Duck' Claw Machine Toy

Mini 'TDD Duck' Claw Machine Toy

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  • Do you have what it takes to win a prize?

    Well, it's time to bring that fun to the comfort of your own home. This mini claw machine is fully portable, you can take this with you anywhere. Your family and friends will love to have a go at winning a small plushie or toy. Featuring a duck-themed design with vibrant yellows and oranges, and built-in sound effects and lights. 

    This machine is battery and/or USB powered, put the coin in, and you have 60 seconds to pick up a toy with the handles controlling the clamp.

    This will provide children with endless entertainment and the ultimate experience. Available in one style.

    🚀 Measures 27 x 24 x 32cm
    🚀 Pressable buttons
    🚀 1 machine, 1 TDD Doll, 8 planets, 10 mini-dolls, 20 eggs, 24 coins, and a USB cable are included
    🚀 Either 4*AA batteries or a USB Cable
    🚀 Toggles to move the clamp 
    🚀 Light and sound whilst you play
    🚀 Made from plastic
    🚀 Toys dolls/plushies are randomised
    ✨ Advanced claw movement

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Contains small parts; not suitable for children under 3 years old unless there is adult supervision.


    Step 1: Take the lid off the claw machine by using the two nozzles on the left and right of the claw machine. Turn the nozzle about 90 degrees for it to unlock.

    Step 2: Take out all the toys and accessories from the machine.

    Step 3: Cut off the zip lock ties to release the claw and close the lid back on by securing the nozzles into place. Be careful not to cut the wires.

    Step 4: Stick on any stickers that are provided.

    Step 5: Put the toys you want to win inside the machine.

    Step 6: Switch on the machine by the ON/OFF switch at the back of the machine, the timer will light up and a starting sound will play. You can either use the cable provided or batteries to power your claw machine.

    Step 7: Insert the coin provided to start the timer.

    Step 8: You have 60 seconds to use the controls to move the claw left, right, back, forward, up, and down, to grab the toys and carry them to the winning.

    Step 9: Collect your toy and enjoy! The toys can be popped back into the machine by the flap at the top of the lid.

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    CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old


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