Celebrate Chinese New Year with Kawaiies!!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Kawaiies!!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Kawaiies!!

Kawaiies wishes you all a wonderful and prosperous Chinese New Year, wherever you are in the world! Pat yourself on the back for getting through another rollercoaster of a year but hopefully one that is filled with many beautiful memories. 


🍃 Turning Over a New Leaf

Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first day of the First moon of the Lunar Calendar - Friday, 12th February. The Chinese New year’s Eve dinner gathering was among the most important family occasions of the year. The pandemic has interrupted this beautiful celebration that would normally bring family, friends and relatives together, so we hope we can help you bring out the best of your time from home. 


🧧 Lai-See

On Chinese New Year’s Day, children were given Red Lai-See Envelopes containing good luck money from their uncles, aunts and elders. On New Year’s day, everyone would wear new clothes, and put on their best behavior. It was considered improper to tell a lie, raise one’s voice, use indecent language, or break anything on the first day of the year.

🏮 Celebrate this year with these products

We wanted to show you some of our amazing collections that will add an extra sparkle into your life and give you the chance to celebrate New Years from the comfort of your homes.

SO here are the best Kawaiies products you should not miss out on!!


🏮 1. Chinese New Year Lion Dance


These magnificently colourful dragons and lions aim to bring luck and fortune to your little world! Every little blessing counts.

Dragon and lion dances are normally performed to bring out lots of good fortune, luck and drive away evil spirits and we definitely need that this year.

You can choose from 5 different beautiful building sets. This is a perfect gift to bless you this year as well as an opportunity to strengthen your building skills.

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🏮 2.  Jiangu Street Stores Set 1

Experience an exciting opportunity of running YOUR own favourite Jiangu street stores.

These stores are famously known for having hot soups and so they have also been named soup dumplings. We have carefully picked 4 special sets to choose from just for you. You can role play, learn how to run a Jiangu and really  make it a part of your life this year right in your room.

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🏮 3 Lucky Orange Tree Music Box

Have a Lucky Year with our Lucky Orange Tree planted on a Mechanical Windup Music Box. Lucky Orange Tree planted on a music box contains 566 beautiful pieces. It has two high quality LED light blocks to give a sparkle to the lucky orange tree. No dolls are included in this building set.

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All crafting sets features:

🎇 100% premium quality (ABS )plastic 

🎇 Sharp brilliant colours and solid feel

🎇 Challenging and rewarding to stimulate all brains

🎇 High-quality durable non-toxic green material


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- contains small parts; not suitable for children under 6 years old unless there is an adult supervision.