Our Story

Spreading smiles a plushie at a time

Making one person smile can change their world, but making a million people smile can change the entire world. And that is why we've handcrafted our irresistibly squishy plushies so that we can leave an everlasting smile on each and every one of your faces.

At Kawaiies, we believe a gift is more than just a gift. Every gift has a story to tell and every plushie has a buddy. Whether you are buying a plushie for yourself or a loved one, our plushies won't let you down. As a team, we are constantly striving for excellence and quality in each and every thread and each and every customer.

A smile on your face is a smile on ours, so we invite all our friends and guests to experience the magic our plushies hold.


Our story

Kawaiies was formed by a group of enthusiasts with a passion and love for designing plushies, our team consists of Product Designer, Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist who met a decade ago. 

The name Kawaiies resembles 'cute' and is the core of our business and how we design and craft our plushies and accessories. Our philosophy is to choose the best quality materials, this is key to what sets us apart from others and why you should choose Kawaiies. Our vision is to offer high quality and well designed adorable products for every person and household.

It all started with Tato and Tate our dinosaurs, Kawaiies now offers a wide selection of cute plushies and accessories from super-sized plushies to long body pillows to cat ears. Delivering snuggles and high-quality products at the same time.