Here's three tips to SAVE money on your electricity and gas BILLS

Here's three tips to SAVE money on your electricity and gas BILLS

Here's three tips to SAVE money on your electricity and gas BILLS

Three tips you can cut down your utility bills in 2022

Nobody likes paying bills - especially not us.

We want to help you save money by providing you with tips that can save you up to $500 or more a year which we have already implemented into our own homes.

Besides the usual suggestions like turning off unnecessary lights, taking shorter showers, turning off the water when it's not in use, etc, we want you to leave this blog with three new tips that can potentially help you save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills.

1. Wearing more layers

But not just any layers! We're talking oversized blanket hoodies that you can easily throw on and do whatever you need to do whilst you're at home whether that be chilling on your sofa watching Netflix or at your desk working from home. This super soft and snuggly weighted hoodie will keep you warm all day long so you don't have to turn on the heating.

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2. Hugging a Huge Snuggly Plushie

Now if you don't have anybody to hug whilst you're asleep or whilst binge-watching Netflix on the sofa, our human-sized plushies are hassle-free companions that will keep you warm and toasty without kicking up a fuss about being too hot or sweaty.

This is another quick way to keep you warm during the day and night as your body heat will stay trapped between you and your plushies.

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3. Using a Hot Water Bottle

Now if you've got yourself an oversized blanket hoodie and a few plushies to keep you warm, it is almost impossible for you to feel cold at this point. However, if you still feel cold, we have you covered. Our adorable hot water bottle range will heat your body up in no time and not to mention you'll love its fluffy outer material and kawaii designs.

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With just these three items, you won't ever need the heating on and you can even have the windows slightly open so you can have fresh air whilst staying toasty warm. You may have to spend a little if you don't already have these items. But think about it, you'll be able to use them to keep you warm for years to come. Not to mention all the other benefits that comes with them.