KAWAIIES Advent Calendar on Instagram! 🎁

KAWAIIES Advent Calendar on Instagram! 🎁

KAWAIIES Advent Calendar on Instagram! 🎁

To make this holiday as special as every other holiday, we have decided to introduce our very own Kawaiies Holiday Advent Calendar online so everyone can take part and have the chance to win something this year.

Our aim is to make sure all our lovely fans at Kawaiies are involved in something special everyday during the most enjoyed festive season of the year. You will always have us here no matter what.

Everyday of our advent calendar includes a hidden gift that can be won by anyone who joins our giveaway. Be sure to check us out on Instagram everyday to celebrate the countdown until Christmas Day. 

How to enter:

  1. Head over to our page by clicking here
  2. Click on each advent tile and swipe to find out whats hiding behind the door
  3. Love the free gift? Enter by following the instructions within the post

We don’t want COVID-19 to shun down our excitement so each day we want you to have the same Christmas spirit in finding out what is hidden behind each door with the fun of opening many new things to maybe play with, be involved in and even win!

We hope to provide educative, fun, exciting and heart warming involvement. So there is no way you are going to miss out on anything because we will keep you connected to us. 

This pandemic can’t stop us from keeping our spirits alive and being as adventurous as we were last christmas! 

Let us make this Christmas as a magical, memorable and mystical season with your family at home if we can’t celebrate it outside.

Head over to our instagram page for more details, updates and posts. https://www.instagram.com/kawaiies.co/

Did we forgot to mention we are also offering an extra 15% OFF when you use code XMAS2020 at checkout!

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