Reasons why plushies are the perfect gift for your children! 🦌

Reasons why plushies are the perfect gift for your children! 🦌

Reasons why plushies are the perfect gift for your children! 🦌

✨ Feed their imagination 

Whether you are telling them a bedtime story from a book or creating your own, these plushies will enable your child to use their imagination and make their personal plushies speak and role play. This instantly creates a strong bond between your child and their new Kawaiies plushie. It will become their one bestfriend that will never leave their side day or night. You will not have to worry about feeling like they are neglected when working.


✨ Project their feelings and communication

Children who own a plushie from a young age will encourage them to reflect their emotions through the way they speak or treat their personal buddies. You may not know this but these soft snuggly toys will teach them about sympathy, bonding and affection. Sometimes you might find it hard to understand what a child might be feeling so keep an eye out on how they interact with their soft toys! The toys will let your child learn how to communicate with others confidently as they would have practiced these from an early age.


 Find comfort and love

These soft plushies are proven for decades to give your child emotional comfort and support as soon as they hug them and provide warmth. We have all witnessed a baby's tears turn into giggles as soon as they are given their favourite toy. Make sure to gift one to make their life full of smiles and joy because these stuffed plushies will help them cope with all these emotions as long as they have their best buddies by their side. 

✨Encourage language development

Helping your child take part in playful activities with their soft toys will increasingly help with early language development. It is a known factor that while telling your children stories and having soft toys they can role-play with, naturally increases their interest in speaking faster. Slowly, the babbles will turn into words and soon in sentences if they are accompanied with plushies. Chatting with their plushies, trying new words, improving their vocabulary and gaining confidence in speech all start with plushies.


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