The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020!

The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020!

The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020!

We know very well that when it comes to Christmas every year, there is an instant genuine passion and excitement of gifting or receiving gifts.

This occasion gives you the chance to really pick something that you take your time to find. It is a very personal experience in which you always hope that you pick something based on how well you understand and know the person, praying that they will love your gifts.

In spite of how much time you dedicate to finding gifts, it can equally be very exhausting and at some point you just need to be rescued. We understand that we can’t replace your personal attention you put into finding these presents, however we want to lend a helping hand in giving you some gift ideas that are truly magical and meaningful.

No gift can replace our cute, cuddly and lovable soft snuggle buddies.
Since the start of COVID-19, many of us have stopped seeing friends, family and have had to distance ourselves from people who don’t live with us for all our safety. This has been ongoing for months and Kawaiies believe that this year’s Christmas gifts should lift us all mentally, spiritually and physically. And this can be done when you gift your loved ones with our plushies that will have a positive impact on their life.

SO here are some of our super popular Kawaiies' range picked out especially for you, to help you choose the best Christmas gift ever!

1. Safari Collection

Leo The Little Lion

You can never go wrong with Leo the little lion that comes in two different sizes. It is an incredibly comforting plushie pillow that provides company as well as a potential companion for the oncoming times during COVID this Christmas. This super squishy adorable lion which is cruelty-free, made with premium non-allergenic cotton for maximum comfort is made for everyone and all ages. Gift them their personal Simba this christmas!

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Crocodile Companion

This will be an element that provides warmth and happiness to the person gifted as it has many benefits. It can be your bed buddy providing support to your posture and back while you can always use it to work on your laptop or next to you when you are watching a movie. Crocodiles are known to be one of the largest gifted plushies worldwide as they have been for many centuries centre of attention and excitement so why not add it to your Christmas gift list?

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2. Mythical Collection

Winter Hand Warmer or 3 In 1 Blanket Plush

3-in-1 Blanket Plush?! Amazing gift that has so many uses. Feeling cold? Slide your hands inside your adorable hand warmer plush and instantly feel at peace. Want a quick nap but can’t be bothered to reach for your blanket or pillow? Turn your plush into a blanket and pillow and take your nap right there. Perfect gift for our cosy Christmas nappers.

One of our new popular collections and it is selling out and in high demand so don’t let it slip away this Christmas!

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Little Veggie Dino

Our Veggie Dino will take you back to a little magical trip back to childhood and no matter how old you are, you will always be dino-obsessed so why not pass this excitement down to someone this Christmas? This lovable herbivorous Dino doesn't bite at all and is super squishy, super cuddly waiting to be adored.

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3. Candy Collection

These adorable little minis can be found inside your plush pillow, extra soft toys to play with. AMAZING QUALITY. Perfect head rest for those looking for that extra comfort and relaxation from its unbelievably soft material.

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4. Super Sized Collection

Versatile, comfortable and supportive to those who want the best night sleep. These huge plushies provide mental and physical therapy to anyone who is struggling to sleep, tossing and turning for those needing company on their low and alone days.

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5. Dogs Collection

Enjoy your Christmas like our dogs, unbothered, lazy and getting all the good rest you need before your holidays end and it's back to responsibilities. You can choose the size you like depending on how much space you want to give your dog, the bigger the better Kawaiies would say!

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6. Accessories

Avocado Airpods Case

These cute little avocado airpods cases are the perfect gift this Christmas for those forgetful people that always find it hard finding their pods. They are compatible with any Apple Airpods Gen 1&2. Easy and accessible, eco friendly so save your loved one from getting a headache looking for the missing pods and give them one of these babies.

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Kitty Cat Telescopic Pencil Case à La Mode

Our Kitty Telescopic Cat Pencil Case promises to organise you this Christmas. It is a 2-in-1 case that can also be turned from a stationary stand to a makeup brush case. So there is no age limit to who it can be gifted to. Help them be extra sorted this Christmas when it comes to saving things they need so it doesn't get lost and is super handy.

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