Today is not just any Tuesday but a special Twosday | 20% OFF with 2SDAY

Today is not just any Tuesday but a special Twosday | 20% OFF with 2SDAY

Today 22nd Tuesday 2022 is noted for its palindromic pattern as it reads the same forwards as it does backwards, but also as it falls on a Tuesday. How amazing is that!

Although today marks no historic significance it's definitely a fun pun to throw around today. This has only happened once before on 1/11/11 and the next one will occur in 11 years as a Threesday but of course not as exciting as Twosday Tuesday.

How to celebrate Twosday? 

You've probably seen it all over social media and that's because it has taken over the internet! If you're wondering how you could celebrate Twosday then any activities that requires the two of you to take part in would be a fitting way to celebrate this special day.

Young children can also celebrate this day by learning the two times table or learning words in a different language, get creative and fun with it!

How is Kawaiies celebrating Twosday? 

We're doing a massive 20% OFF sale for the next 2 days ending Thursday 24/2/22! 

So let's celebrate this amazing Twosday discount code with a friend! Do you know someone who's been itching to grab something from our store whether that's a plushie, bedding set or a kawaii top? Why not share this discount code with them?

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Looking for more fun activities? 

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