Happy New Year from Kawaiies: Welcoming you with warmth, hugs, and fun in 2024

Happy New Year from Kawaiies: Welcoming you with warmth, hugs, and fun in 2024

So, a new year is upon us, bringing the promise of hope, happiness, and most importantly, a brand-new beginning. That’s why Kawaiies is always on hand to bring a little more joy and laughter to your everyday life. This year is no exception, since we have a variety of products to give both new and loyal customers a very warm welcome to 2024. Check out some of our products below!

 A plushie to remember

Want some company in your life? Then, fear not, as our plushies are here to offer you their friendship through your ups and downs. Cosy up with our exclusive long snuggle buddy plushies. Whether it’s Chai the Red Panda, Pink Axolotl, or the Capybara, these cuddly friends are certain to keep you snug and smiling through the rest of winter.

Or maybe, you might consider becoming companions with our adorable dumpling cushion. Soft and comfortable, you’re guaranteed plenty of snuggles on the sofa or in bed. These and many other plushies are waiting for you on our plushies page, so head on over and start making new friends today.

Winter wanders with hugs

Ready to embark on a winter stroll? Well, we’ve got your back with our range of comforting apparel pieces. Cocoon yourself in warmth and softness with one of our Tommy the Shark hoodies. Don’t worry. This shark’s not here to bite, but to protect you from the cold with a warm hug.

Or why not keep your head cosy with our Faux Fur Bear bucket hat. This cute accessory is both snug and fashionable and is sure to make you grin. Now, you’re all set for your winter wander. Browse our apparel page to find these products and many more.

The life you build

Need something to pass the time away in doors. How about taking a look at our various building sets. Wisk yourself away to Asia with our Wonders of Asia Teatime Building set. This culinary delight will provide hours of foody fun, as well as kickstarting your creative side.

Or you might take a shine to our Micro Good Fortune Lucky Cute Creatures Building Set. With four lucky options to choose from, expect your days to be filled with enjoyment and of course, fortune. So, what are you waiting for. Visit our building set collection to start your building adventure this year.

Home sweet home

And finally, let’s not forget about home décor. From charming cups to lovable bedding sets, Kawaiies has you covered. Brighten up your breakfasts with our new Bear Duck Panda glass cups. With several styles to choose from, this insulated cup has the sweet factor, as well as keeping your drink warm.

Or, how about adding an extra layer of comfort to your bed with our Japanese Avocado Paradise Bedding Set. This endearing avocado is here to liven up your room with a splash of fruity goodness and to insure you get a good night’s sleep. So, go ahead and give your house a Kawaiies make-over by taking a trip to our home décor collection. Now, you’re all geared up for a year full of smiles. Enjoy.