You're Never Too Old for some Plush in your Life

You're Never Too Old for some Plush in your Life

You're Never Too Old for some Plush in your Life

When you grow up, there are so many responsibilities you must take on. Finding a job, paying the bills. They take over your life. However, you can always spare a moment for a burst of fun, and Kawaiies plushies does the trick. There is absolutely no shame in owning a few of these adorable toys. Whether you need a welcoming warm cuddle, or to simply give your room a bit more personality, our plushies will be right there. Here are some plushies guaranteed to unlock your inner child spirit (if you haven't already).


Instant Noodle Plushie Pillow

Fancy switching up your bedding.  Well, this ramen patterned pillow is here to do just that. Hug it. Sleep on it. It doesn’t matter. It will be waiting for you, whenever you need it. The funniest addition to anybodys plush collection. 

Cuddly Koala Long Snuggle Buddy

If you’re ever feeling a bit lonely or down, then why not seek out this cuddly koala as your companion? It will instantly cheer you up with a soft hearty embrace and will give you an extra layer of cosiness. Start waking up with smiles today.


Smiling Sunflower and Rose Pot Plush

This sweet flowerpot will give you a bright cheery start to the day and will certainly crack a smile or two. It would also make a delightful addition to your room, and even better, you never have to worry about it wilting. Now, that’s what you call a bonus.


Vibrant Succulent Plush Squad

These colourful plants are assured to turn a room from bland to brilliant. Whether grass green or rainbow, they inject a satisfying splash of personality to any living room and bedroom.