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So cute :3

The Great Gentle Panda
Kyle Driessen

The Great Gentle Panda

Listen, sometimes lego doesn't do the model you really want

Very Nice and Fluffly. And a very acceptable amount of time to be delivered. 👌🏻

Baguette Bread Plush
Rich Mychajlowycz
Very Cheaply Made Chinese Product

Product looks great in photos, but IT IS NOT. This is a VERY cheaply made pillow without any texture, grooves or details (unlike the photo, which makes it look like a real piece of bread.) It's honestly no better quality than the kind of cheap products you win when you go to an amusement park. And it is NOT worth paying $65 for (and that was on sale!) If I had known this was coming from China, I would have never made the purchase. I have no idea where all of these positive reviews are coming from, but there is no way they are legitimate and are clearly fabricated. Avoid this scam site at all costs!

Although I requested and was charged for a box I received pieces in plastic bags without a box. Very disappointed. Still awaiting fora reply from customer services.

it was delivered late the day after it says it was but good quality

Great quality, very happy

I ordered this expecting it to be on the cheaper side interms of material etc but i has exceeded my expectations and i can happily say with confidence it's worth every cent,
Makes an amazing gift for an acolotl lover or a little dude to keep you company 😁

Pretty but not functional

This is a beautiful mug and looks gorgeous on the website and at home. However, it’s not the easiest to use. The lid only just sits on the rim and slides off, taking the spoon with it if not careful. It’s easiest to use without them, but even then it’s hard to drink out of without dribbling down the mug sides.

Looks lovely but doesn’t work as a backpack

This item is incredible to look at, fun colours and great size I expected it to be a great choice for my nephew’s Christmas present. However, there is so little room inside it! It could hold some sweets or small change at a push. This is all form and no function.

Fluffy Brown Capybara Plushie

adorable and soft. just perfect.

cute plush! Looks a bit different in real life but is so soft and cuddly

Buy It! Love these Foxes!

I have 3 of these foxes and have gifted several. I can’t sleep without them.

The price?!

I have this set and paid 60$ for it…It’s a really nice set but don’t pay that price, please.

This is so cute. But very pricy! Even with the discount. Sure my niece will love it though!

Best stuff animal!

My 5 yr old son loves his 36” hammerhead shaped stuffie. And so do I. Great work!

Beautiful and cute

I absolutely love this oversized Sailor Moon Hoodie. It's very soft and cozy it doesn't have pockets but oh well!


Can anyone tell me the trick to get the gold spine to attach to the second black spine. I have rebuilt it several times and checked every brick below. It is just not long enough to attach. It’s not hard to build, I just can’t get them to attach

Decent quality…looks exactly like exactly as advertised. Decent shipping.


Mercy (my dragons name) has become my new comfort plush and is incredible to cuddle with. I absolutely love him and if it were a little e it cheaper I would 100% her him a friend. 10/10

My granddaughter loves this sweatshirt !!! Shipping didn’t take as long as I thought . Highly recommend 👍😁

I’m usually a 2xl and this fit me well. Very nice quality.

Brown Kawaii Dung Beetles Plushies
Iewerahente Ouellette-Yuan
Very cute little guy

Very good quality and very soft