Long Artificial Plastic Sakura Cherry Tree Branch

Long Artificial Plastic Sakura Cherry Tree Branch

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Artificial flowers have never looked so REAL before

This Artificial Plastic Sakura Cherry Tree is a beautiful plastic tree branch with amazing weeping cherry blossoms. Choose between four different petal colours and expect each branch to be unique to itself as they are all custom made. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to your home or office, the blossoms of this tree are as realistic as they come!

Of course, these artificial branches are not made of wood but they do have a benefit! They will last more than 10 years if treated properly.


  • Height: 23in / 60cm 

Sizes may vary as each branch is hand made.

Don't just stop here!

If you have to have the best looking Sakura cherry tree in your bedroom, living room or any place that is important to you like your wedding and can't have the real thing ... THEN THIS IS THE PLANT FOR YOU! Go check out our other artificial branches and flowers to add to your vase.