Sora the Adorable Swan Plushie

Sora the Adorable Swan Plushie

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"On top of a great website and easy ordering from varied selection, Kawaiies delivery care and product quality was top notch. My nephew absolutely loved his plush and I highly recommend this lovely and friendly company." - Andrew N.

  • Meet Sora, the cuddliest swan out there!

    All it takes is just one hug with Sora and you will fall in love. The super-soft filling will melt your stress, depression, anxiety away.

    Did you know hugging a plushie is a form of therapy? It opens your energy channels and boosts your energetic flow that is empowering in its own right. It brings a very important concept for family and friends to build trust and a sense of safety.

    🎥 Video visuals available in the product gallery above

    Grab yourself the largest and cuddliest swan today measuring 55in / 140cm in height, which measures from beak to bottom while in sitting position.

    Length measurements from beak to feet (laid down)
    Small: 27in / 70cm
    Medium: 35in / 90cm
    Large: 47in / 120cm
    X-Large: 62in / 160cm

    Height measurements from beak to the bottom (sitting down)

    Small: 21in / 55cm
    Medium: 27in / 70cm
    Large: 39in / 100cm
    X-Large: 55in / 140cm

    Please note: Our largest 120cm Sora the Swan Plushie will be shipped in two separate parcels! There will be a zipper for you to fill the plushie up with the PP cotton filling from the second parcel.

    The secret to better sleep is here

    Body pillows have been proven to help you sleep better by relieving pressure on the lower back, spine, and hips. Our plushies will help you relax and feel at peace when you're in bed.

    Fret not about allergic reactions and pain

    Ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and made with premium non-allergenic cotton for maximum comfort. All our plushies are free of lint and suitable even for people with allergies.

    The perfect gift this year

    Plushies are something considered appropriate only for young children, but we totally disagree! Not only do our plushies help with anxiety it also makes for the perfect present for your loved ones.


    ✨ Filled with 100% premium PP cotton
    😴 Helps with your sleeping position
    💖 Promotes relaxation with its unbelievably soft material
    😊 Allergy-free and asthma friendly
    🥰 A zipper for easy cleaning and filling

    Plushie sizes:

    Measurements may be off by 1-3cm due to the nature of how PP cotton expands and compresses. Carefully choose the size and variant you would like before purchasing our plushies. The size and filling will vary depending on the length you choose.

  • Do you ship worldwide? Yes, we ship to over 300 countries and are proud to provide free shipping to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and many countries in Europe.

    What are the plushies filled with? All our plushies are filled with High-Quality Premium PP Cotton with an outer layer so soft you won't want to stop hugging it.

    Does this help with anxiety and sleep? Our plushies are crafted for maximum comfort, so you will find no trouble sleeping when cuddling our Kawaiies plushies. Just check out what our customers say about them below.

    Can I wash my plushie?
    Yes, you can by following these 5 simple steps:

    Step 1:
     Use the gentlest cycle available on your washing machine.
    Step 2: Wash your plushie in cold water using a mild detergent.
    Step 3: If disinfecting is a concern, use warm water or consider using a product like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, which is safe on both whites and colors, unlike chlorine bleach.
    Step 4: Place the plushie in a launderable mesh bag or duvet cover. Padding the drum of the washer with towels can also add another layer of protection. Recommended!
    Step 5: Air-drying will be the gentlest choice, and a hairdryer turned on low heat can help to fluff up the fur once the plushie has reached the just-damp stage (think of it as a finishing touch!)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Estelle C.

I had won her in the giveaway and I couldn’t be more grateful!! , Perfect size (55inch) and SUPER FLUFFY!! , I’m going to have to start a whole family of them 😫 (in picture my bed is a double bed that’s how big she is when she’s laying on it)

Petey B.

GREAT PRODUCT! It was bigger than I had anticipated. Despite how big it was, the plush still remained soft and fluffy. I would say it’s similar to a squishmillow but softer and wayyy bigger. It’s incredibly comfy to sleep on, 10/10 recommend!

Cyan T.

Was pleasantly surprised to see it was super plush and soft! Absolutely love it!

christin b.

Love it!! Package was torn on arrival and the duck was dirty, but I cleaned it up and you can’t even tell. I like it a lot, very soft.

Puppet I.



<3 awesome! beauty! very soft and very nice material! I love it


Perfect thanks

Breann K.

Had to wait a bit for the plush to arrive, but I'm very happy with it! It's true to size, very soft, and high quality! Definitely will buy from this company again!


Price expected quality. Good Shopping
Very soft and pleasant material touch. I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase. The order has arrived very quickly.

Emy V.

Just as described !
When I bought the plushie I was a little wary, but I am really satisfied ! The tracking was greatly indicated, and the team ready to help. The parcel arrived in time too, and the plushie was in perfect state.
The material is so soft, it’s heaven to cuddle with it at night. The design is exactly as showed, the size is perfect, and I like the very discreet zipper there is, I was able to add a little more filling in the neck (I like firm plushies). The only downside ? My cat is jealous of it as I now cuddle with it and not with him ! But even my fluffball is starting to like lying on it when I’m not there (if the cat fur I find all over it is any indication).
Really, I am not disappointed and I definitely recommend the site. 10/10