Warm Hamster Guinea Pig Bunny Mini Reindeer Koala Beds Hideout Caves

Warm Hamster Guinea Pig Bunny Mini Reindeer Koala Beds Hideout Caves

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  • Give your mini fur friend a comfy bed

    Are you looking for a new bed for your hamster, guinea pig, bunny, or a small fur friend? Then look no further, these are the cutest beds that come in two different animal designs and three sizes. Make sure to pick the correct size for your fur friend otherwise they won't be able to fit in.

    Transform their home into a kawaii haven with one of these kawaii pet beds, a bed that they will love. Measurements below:

    Small: 19 x 19cm
    Medium: 25 x 25cm
    Large: 30 x 28cm

    Kawaiify their home to fit your kawaii decor

    Adding new beds and hideouts to your fur friend's cage will provide them with new places and objects to explore and play with.

  • Simple to clean: Rinse under water and let it dry out in the sun. Alternatively, you can use a washing machine set at the wool wash setting and ensure the products are put in a mesh bag or pillowcase to avoid any damage.

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Customer Reviews

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Susan A.

I bought this for my two Rats to chill out in. It is very cosy and warm, my Rats really like it.