Keep Calm and Love Cows

Keep Calm and Love Cows

Keep Calm and Love Cows

2021 is a year of the Ox, starting from February 12th, 2021 (Lunar New Year) and lasting until January 31st, 2022.

Kawaiies want you to know that this is the perfect year to focus on relationships. Whether that is bonding time with your family through phone calls, facetime or emails we recognise that not all of us may have access to seeing loved ones due to COVID-19 but that does not stop us from reaching out to our friends and family.

You can always focus on keeping relationships as beautiful and loved as before with a small gift that will bring the BIGGEST smile on their faces.

Let’s be MOOODY together 🐮

These plushies we know are definitely going to spread luck, love and laughter into your life

Clover the Cow

Clover the Cow is a cuddly and plush cow that will 100% melt your heart as soon as you hug this soft buddy of yours. This cute gift is perfect for anyone who loves cows or has a farm home theme.

Filled with 100% premium PP cotton, it will 100% melt your heart as soon as you hug this soft buddy of yours. You can choose from 2 different sizes but we highly suggest, the bigger the better!


Cookie the Cow

This adorable plushie is great for those who feel alone or just need a little soft hug. When the feeling of being alone creeps up on you, Cookie will be there with you always. These cute plushies can brighten your day by playing or snuggling with them! 

Choose from 4 different cookie sizes! Allergy-free and asthma friendly so there is no excuse why you can’t own one now.


Long Snuggly Cow Buddy

Wrap your entire body around this super squishy and long cow.

Proven to provide back support and help posture during sleep. It relieves pressure and the soft texture helps create a calm and relaxing environment at all times.

A perfect gift for anyone struggling for a good night’s sleep.


Milk Carton Plushy

Sometimes you just need a few extra pillows to decorate and add extra colour to your life. These carton pillows provide that just for you!

You can choose from 3 different flavours and 3 sizes. 

These cartons offer very little resistance and easily comfort your head and neck. They are currently reduced in price so hurry before it SELLS OUT!


Cattle Family

Last but not least, help us bring the joy, comfort and a companion into your life this year with our cattle family! You can personally choose from 3 sizes and 3 colours.

The bigger the cattle, the bigger the blessings!


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