Reasons why our Kawaiies Plushies should be a part of your sleeping routine

Reasons why our Kawaiies Plushies should be a part of your sleeping routine

Reasons why our Kawaiies Plushies should be a part of your sleeping routine

Have you ever considered how different types of body plushies can change the way you feel about sleep?

1. Body pillows can help with back pain

Our Long Snuggle Buddies are an all in one body pillow that is super long, super soft and super cuddly. These body plushie promise to improve spinal alignment effectively and in style. You can get a good night's sleep while our long body pillow plushies ensure your natural back curve is supported and protected when you’re snoozing peacefully. Just wrap your legs around our Long Snuggle Buddies and let them work their magic. 

“If you sleep on your side, a firm pillow between your knees will prevent your upper leg from pulling your spine out of alignment and reduce stress on your hips and lower back.” (University of Rochester Medical Centre, 2020)

Long Snuggle Buddies Plushies Plush Soft


2. Everyone loves to hug

Having a soft buddy to cuddle with at night provides you with an instantly soothing feeling. It is a known factor that hugging can release oxytocin and decrease stress. Whether you have had a bad day, you are alone due to the recent lockdowns and feeling overwhelmed by stress, our plushies are your remedy. You are more likely to feel calm, at ease and relaxed when releasing all that tension on these soft body plushies.

“Cortisol increases your blood pressure and heart rate, affecting your sleep quality. Study shows hugging reduces blood cortisol levels, calming your mind.” ( NIH Study, 2013)

3. No more tossing and turning

Our mushy, squishy and cuddly Kawaiies Soft Toys can instantly reduce your tossing and turning which can sometimes lead to waking up in the middle of the night. Placing these plushies around you or holding onto them can automatically stop you from being restless all night.

4. Feeling safe during a pandemic

For most people, whether it is adults or children, sleeping with a body plushie enables them to overcome any discomfort they have, and rely on their body plushies for help during bed time rather than therapy or medication. Especially now with COVID-19, plushies also symbolise a sense of security and safety in the environment you are around. They play a major role in providing natural treatment whether you need help stopping your snoring, need to get good night's sleep or pregnant women who need extra support and comfort.

“A few years ago, I had been suffering from poor sleep and didn’t want to resort to medication,” Chapman tells Thrive.

“Observing how my teenage daughter slept with her favorite childhood stuffed dog, I thought: If soft toys soothe children, why should it be different for adults? So Mr. B.B., my soft bunny, came to bed with me and the experiment immediately worked.” (Elaine Lipworth, Sleep Well, 2019)

5. A boost in sleeping quality 

Let us not forget the most important reason of all and that  having a comfortable body plushie to put your head on to support the neck or skull for a good night’s sleep or hold onto, significantly improves your sleeping quality overall. Our plushies are not only created for entertainment purposes but also to make sure you are taken care of mentally, physically and spiritually. Using our plushies can minimise headaches, stiffness or any pain you are going through during the day.

“At least once in a usual week, 27% reported waking with scapular or arm pain, 19% with a headache, and 17% with cervical pain and/or stiffness. Moreover subjects commonly reported waking with more than one of these symptoms.” (J Pain Res, 2010)

And that is a wrap, if you want to find out more about our plushies do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at or DM on Instagram or Facebook.

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